Top 10 Advantages of Snapfon sosPlus Mobile Monitoring Service

There for you 24/7: sosPlus® connects you to a 24/7 response agent who has access to the medical information and emergency contacts provided through your Snapfon User Account.

With the information below, our agents can better assist your loved ones, and can dispatch emergency services or alert your family or friends – something 911 simply cannot do.

Our sosPlus® Agents can conference in emergency services, family and friends, and will stay on the line with you until your situation is resolved.

Medications: List all medications, including OTC or custom compounded pharmaceuticals. This is very important because the medications you take can drastically influence your course of treatment.

Allergies: Whether shellfish or peanuts, penicillin or other medications, the more our agents know, the better they can inform emergency responders.

Medical Conditions: List all of your medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Emergency Contacts: List your family, friends, or neighbors.

Your Doctor: List your doctor, and their contact information.

Past Surgical History: Depending on the nature and time-frame of the surgery, this may be important for emergency responders and doctors to know.

Home-Bound or Non-Responsive: Let us know if your loved one is home-bound, and what to do in case they are non-responsive in the case of an emergency.


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