Oil tank tips, causes 400-gallon spill

Emergency crews contained a 400-gallon oil spill this morning at a Rogers Road residence, according to fire officials.

Fire Chief Kim Kercewich said the oil at the home of Ken Washer of 256 Rogers Road.

Kercevich said an outdoor, 275-gallon oil tank fell over and broke the line to a second 275-gallon oil tank, emptying both of them. The tanks were filled about two weeks ago and, he said, the oil company estimated about 400 gallons poured out of them.

The fire department was contacted at 8 a.m. about the spill but Kercevich said he believes the accident happened sometime last night. Initially, he said, it was reported “the product was all gone.”

When fire crews arrived at Washer’s home, Kersewich said they found about four-inches of standing oil. Firefighters set up booms to contain the oil and soak up as much as possible.

The Washer home is near a brook but Kercewich said the water does not appear to be contaminated.

Kercevich said a DES representative was at the scene and a cleanup crew was contacted.


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