Helpful Tips To Get The Most Gas Out Of Your Tank

The national average price for regular gasoline rose nearly 16 cents in the last two weeks and its still going up.

A spokesman for Valero Energy Corp says the pain at the pump is simply because the price of crude oil is high.

He says consumers think there is someone pulling strings and setting prices, but it’s the marketplace that sets the price.

So what are Arkansans doing to ease the drain on their wallets?

Fill up before dawn or late at night. Stations usually raise their prices during the day.

Proper maintenance is key. Check air filters, spark plugs, and fluid levels to keep your car healthy and at top performance.

Keep your foot light on the gas pedal: high speeds, quick starts, and squealing stops burn more gas and money. Smoother rides can save up to 37% in fuel.

Get a gas rewards card. Using the right credit card can earn you rebates on your gas purchases.

And search gas price websites before you fill up to find the cheapest gas near you.


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