Soil Clean-up May Be Required Around Leaky UST

The continuing saga of the Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment at the downtown city-owned building is nearing completion. The Underground Storage Tank (UST) located behind the former Hart Building at 111 S. Broad St. was removed April 1. The building is the site of the proposed new City Hall.

Once uncovered and accessed, the tank was found to contain nearly 1000 gallons of a mixture of fuel oil and water. A vacuum truck removed the oil/water mixture for proper disposal.

As required by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), the soil around the UST was sampled. Preliminary tests indicated that the tank had leaked into some of the surrounding soil.

“The Fire Marshal saw the color of the soil, and immediately recommended turning in a sample to the IEPA,” said Les Guenzler, City Maintenance Manager. Additional remediation may be necessary if removal of the contaminated soil is required. A risk assessment will be completed after the laboratory results of the soil samples are received.

The second round of groundwater sampling was also completed for the groundwater monitoring wells. Results will be included in the City’s report to the IEPA.

“The five test wells in the area have consistently shown no contamination,” Guenzler reported. “It’s a good sign that the UST contents haven’t leached into the wells.”

The water extension design for the Southside Utility Project has been completed and approved by the Water & Sewer Committee. Water main construction is planned for the southwest end of the Eastland Motor Sports’ property. This additional length of construction provides for easier access to the surrounding properties for future connection/extension possibilities. Copies of the alignment and profile were provided for the Council to review.

IEPA and Illinois Dept. of Transportation permit applications were also approved and signed. Council tabled the issue of waiving the bidding process for this construction job until the next meeting, set for Tuesday, April 15.

A draft of a new ordinance regarding the installation and use of outdoor wood burners was presented. Several residents who own wood burning furnaces were present for this discussion, as well as one neighbor who had previously complained about the smoke. After a lengthy discussion, it was determined to amend and revise the current draft, which will be presented for discussion and approval at a future meeting.

A Planning Committee meeting is set for Wednesday, April 9, at 2:00 p.m., to discuss ideas for the renovation of the building at 111 S. Broad St., the site of the proposed new City Hall. All seemed in agreement to gut the building and start from scratch. Where to go from there will be discussed April 9.

In other action, Council:

– scheduled a Purchasing/Finance Committee meeting for Tuesday, April 15, at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall, before the regular Council meeting;

– agreed to review a complaint from a resident regarding water pooling in his yard, resulting in a leaky basement;

– agreed to hire temporary help to remove excessive chips from City parkways which accumulated due to the harsh winter;

– temporarily appointed Chief of Police Ron Page as Zoning Officer;

– approved a liquor license for the Lanark Community Club (LCC) during Old Settler’s Days, set for June 27-28-29;

– approved a $3500 donation to the LCC toward Old Settler’s Days activities;

– approved a request for a building permit extension;

– approved a bid for $6,650 from Watertower Paint & Repair Co. to inspect the water tower, a requirement of the IEPA.

Council entered a Closed Executive Session at 9:45 p.m. to discuss pending litigation. They exited 13 minutes later, taking no action


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