Concrete Sidewalk & Walkway, Bergen County, New Jersey: Holes Solutions!

Tips: If you are not physically up to heavy labor or don’t feel comfortable with the concrete finishing process, it may be wise to call in professionals ( ) . 

How to lay Concrete Sidewalk / Walkway!

Easy, all-weather access to your home or service areas is easy to accomplish with nearly maintenance-free concrete walkways. They can also lend to the beauty of your home by framing and putting your home on display as the centerpiece of your yard.

Things You’ll Need:
Concrete Forms
Concrete Tools And Concrete
Garden Hoses And Attachments
T Squares
Carts Or Wheelbarrows
Tool Sets
shovels, spades, & scoops

Set sidewalk forms in place. The standard width is three to four feet for main walks and two feet for service walks.
Set forms running parallel and at a height that is level with existing walks or at a level very close to that of the ground surface level for easy yard maintenance. Place a movable bulkhead at the working end so that you can pour amounts of concrete that are comfortable for you to work with. This technique works great when ready-mix concrete is used because it usually results in very little wasted concrete.

Prep the walk area carefully by removing all sod and loose dirt to the depth of the walk plus approximately two inches for a sub-base of sand or crushed rock. Make sure that any loose or spring-y soil is carefully compacted to avoid sinking, tilting or excess cracking later on in the sidewalk’s lifespan. Get some extra help from friends if the planned pour is a large one. Concrete work is heavy and tiring. There can never be too much help. Use a cross slope of one-eighth of an inch per foot in width away from any nearby structures to help with drainage. Use asphalt-impregnated joint material at points where the walk comes in contact with a structure or another large body of concrete (a driveway edge, patio edge, etc.) Be sure to cut control joints every 4 to 5 feet along the length of the walk. These run across the surface and are made with a groover.

Services available in Atlantic, Bergen,
Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Salem,
Somerset , Sussex , Union, and Warren Counties, including lower New York and Westchester County for homeowners, municipalities, construction companies, real estate agencies, plumbing supply, insurance companies, etc.


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  1. Ben Diaz said

    I need estimates for side walk 100′ x 6′ side 50’x6 frt

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