New Jersey – New York Oil Tank Removal Closure Abandonment Help Guidelines

If you are installing a new oil tank or just switching over, the old oil tank still needs to be removed. If you have an oil tank located in the basement as many home owners do here is what you can do to remove the tank yourself. First thing you want to remove the entire vent and fill pipes using a wrench. Disconnect the union fittings from the pipes. Locate the shut off valve on the tank. Make sure the valves are in the off position.

Then take an adjustable wrench and remove the flare fittings from the copper tubing to the tee. You may want to use a small container or something to catch the excess oil that is in the lines. When you remove the fittings the oil will spill out. Then you can remove the shut off valves with a wrench. If you want lift one the tank, they should not be very heavy, place the tank on some risers. Make sure the fill tubes are empty, try draining the tank as much as possible. The last thing you want is oil all over the place.

Go outside and disconnect the section of fill pipe and any fittings that may be connected to the pipe. If you want to get creative with the tank before removal you can attach a pipe to the fill holes on the tank and create a makeshift handle for easy lifting. If you don’t have any help then that trick may work great for you. If you do have help then the removal of the tank will be easy. Once everything is disconnected you can remove the tank from the basement.

If you are by yourself you can possibly drag the tank up the basement stairs yourself with a hand truck or if you decided to make the handle you can put an old blanket or sheet on the stairs and drag the tank slowly up the stairs. Or if you have plywood you could slide the tank over the plywood with the handles you made.

You want to be careful when removing the tank not to do any structural damage to the house. Some basements are accessed through the home and then there are others that you can access through the outside. Some of these stairways are very narrow so you have to be very careful when removing the tank.

You can try two ways of getting rid of the tank, call your local oil company and ask them how it is done in your town, every town may be different with their rules so as to not incur any headaches later on find out what can be done as far as the oil company is concerned.

You can also bring the tank, if you have the means to a recycle center. Contact them first and let them know you will be bringing in an old oil tank. Maybe there is something that has to be done before dropping it off.


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