Announcing a Foolproof Way to Avoid an Empty Oil Tank

Living without heat because the oil ran dry is a miserable and embarrassing experience. However, homeowners no longer need to worry about spending another night, holiday or winter weekend huddled under warm blankets, because now there is a simple, safe and foolproof way to monitor the amount of oil in your home’s heating tank. The experts have invented a device called OilAlert that will automatically check the oil in your tank and warn you when the level is low.OilAlert is easy to install by any homeowner. One simply attaches a transmitter to the plastic dome of the oil gauge on the tank at the ¼ level. After installing batteries in both the transmitter and receiver, the owner can then mount the receiver in a commonly trafficked area of the house, such as the kitchen or near the phone. When the level in the tank starts to get low, the receiver will either flash a red warning light or emit a beeping sound, alerting the owner to call the oil company.

Many customers use an auto delivery system offered by their oil company. This, however, is not a sure-fire way to keep the tank full and customers often run out of oil. The OilAlert system eliminates this risk for the owner and also saves the company time and money on emergency refills.

“We knew we had a winner with this product,” says founder and CEO Richard Cicciari. “The need is there and the subject of oil prices is in the news and on everyone’s mind. With homeowners all over the country feeling the pinch, we know the OilAlert monitoring system will give peace of mind to millions of customers.”

The company offers a few bonuses as well, such as a discount on the purchase of two units, and free battery replacement should they run out. Homeowners need not run the risk of going cold this winter; installing an OilAlert system from OilAlert will let them rest assured that their house will be heated all through the season.


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