Concretes, aggregates and cements from Readymix

Readymix supplies quarry products, including concretes, aggregates, sand, cements and other specialty products. It provides products to support and assist the requirements of the transport and construction industries. Readymix also undertakes infrastructure and mining projects.The aggregates from the quarry are classified under class 1 aggregates and class 2 aggregates. The class 1 aggregate is suitable for applications that require less strength. The class 2 aggregate consists of crushed brick and concrete, which is suitable for applications that require durable aggregates. These aggregates are available in different sizes and their material property varies from one location to another.

Readymix also offers a wide range of concretes in varied shapes, textures and sizes. This provides designers with wider options when choosing a concrete. Readymix is continually involved in research and development to improve its products and to offer quality solutions to its customers.

The architectural concrete offered by Readymix can be used for both domestic and commercial applications. Readymix offers an extensive range of polished concrete which is suitable for indoor applications. It is cost effective and requires little maintenance. These concretes can be embedded with corporate logos if required. Logos are made of aluminum, bronze or steel with an optional glossy finish. Architectural concretes are available in a wide range of colours.


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