Are ads denouncing the reality of global warming effective?


by Michael Allen Carvell

These add`s advertising that global warming is not happening is a waste of public time no will believe with all the warmer climates that global warming is real and has lasting affect on the future of our country and world.

No people are stupid enough to believe national advertised lies that global warming is not real its real and eating away at the worlds ozone emitted by hundreds of millions of cars and even worse these big heavy construction equipment.

As much as people in governments think that our people are nerve with the truth our people realize and understand more about climate warming then governments believe. No one doubts the first hand information that Mr Al Gore provided in his documentary was right on the head with real time tables and long term affects of these green house gases.

The long term affects of green house gas will continue to get worse making our countries climate warmer and warmer each and every year here and abroad. Countries and governments had better realize that this problem is not going away its just going to get worse so we better start dealing with this world wide problem now.

Governments and auto companies need to fine alternative forms of cleaner fuels that will run our cars on. Problem is these billion dollar auto companies do not want to reinvest some of the hundreds of billions of dollars from their sales to make cleaner fuels or a different engine that runs on and alternative fuels.

These auto companies donate hundreds of millions in election donations so the Chance of these greedy auto makers changing the gas combustible engine to alternatives forms of cleaner burring fuels are not likely in our countries future.

World wide Global warming is going to get worse and worse so these companies and government can lie all they want this problems is going to make countries warmer and warmer until nations and these billion dollar companies except the truth and facts about global warming world wide.

These ads are not only falsifying information these adds are Blanton lies that try to keep people world wide in thew dark about the real damage that is happening with this world wide global warming that makes each summers hotter and winters warmer every year around our world.

Why would governments and these auto giants put these adds out if global warming was not real and affecting climate change every year around our world? People world wide can walk out side year round and feel the to hot real affects of world wide global warming that is making our climates warmer and warmer every year.

The multi billion dollar companies want to keep selling their out of date engines that pollute our climates yearly. This is exactly the type of cooperate greed that is ruining our climate and our country with nothing but total greed.

Maybe when people get tired of sweating extra hard every summer and stop buying these old out of date engines these greedy companies will spend some money to reinvest in a new cleaner burning engine that really does run on cleaner types of fuel.

Greed has become the norm by many of our companies to make without reinvesting in their future as well as the future and protection of our Ozone layers slowing the damage of green house gases.

As always I write with respect.


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