Pneumonia among our elderly population is the leading cause of death from infectious diseases. Usually having multiple health issues, elderly patients often have weaker immune systems, which make them more susceptible to illness.

On January 27th at 8:20am, William pressed his sos button. sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service team member Stevie immediately answered his call. William began to tell her that he had a fever of 104 degrees and that he was having trouble breathing, and coughing all the time. Being in a wheel chair, William had become too weak to even move his chair. At once Stevie sent the paramedics.

Stevie waited with William as EMS were dispatched, assuring him that help was on the way.

Upon arrival EMS already knew his symptoms, thanks to the information Stevie gave them, and took him straight to the hospital.

After assessing William’s condition, the doctors started him on medicine for pneumonia. They told William that if he had waited longer, he may not have made it.

“The doctor’s told me that I had a potentially fatal strain of pneumonia.” William said. “And at my age, it’s very difficult to fight pneumonia on my own.” “You all were just great, quick and dependable.” He added.

sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service was happy to learn that after a few days in the hospital, William is home recovering well.

We thank sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service team member Stevie for her dedicated and concerned efforts in William’s behalf.


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3D printing ‘bioprinter’ produces bone, muscle, and cartilage

A new method of 3D printing can produce human-sized bone, muscle, and cartilage templates that survive when implanted into animals, researchers report.

“It has been challenging to produce human scale tissues with 3D printing because larger tissues require additional nutrition,” Dr. Anthony Atala from Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina told Reuters Health by email.

His team developed a process they call “the integrated tissue and organ printing system,” or ITOP for short. ITOP produces a network of tiny channels that allows the printed tissue to be nourished after being implanted into a living animal.

The researchers used 3D printing to produce three types of tissue – bone, cartilage, and muscle – and transplanted it into rats and mice.
3D printing Model of Human Foot BonesFive months after implantation, the bone tissue looked similar to normal bone, complete with blood vessels and with no dead areas, the research team reported in Nature Biotechnology.

Human-sized ear implants looked like normal cartilage under the microscope, with blood vessels supplying the outer regions and no circulation in the inner regions (as in native cartilage). The fact that there were viable cells in the inner regions suggested that they had received adequate nutrition.

Results with 3D printing skeletal muscle were equally impressive. Not only did the implants look like normal muscle when examined two weeks after implantation, but the implants also contracted like immature, developing muscle when stimulated.

“It is often frustrating for physicians to have patients receive a plastic or metal part during surgery knowing that the best replacement would have been the patient’s own tissue,” Dr. Atala said. “The results of this study bring us closer to the reality of using 3D printing to repair defects using the patient’s own engineered tissue.”

“We are also using similar strategies to print solid organs,” he added.

Dr. Lobat Tayebi from Marquette University School of Dentistry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who has also done 3D printing bioprinting research, told Reuters Health by email, “There are numerous difficulties in bioprinting tissues in terms of robustness, integrity, and (blood vessel supply) of the end product. What is the most admirable about this study is the serious effort to overcome these problems by introducing an integrated tissue-organ printer (ITOP). This is a big step toward 3D printing robust bioprosthetic tissues of any size and shape.”

“I believe this approach, although it has lots of difficulty, can eventually be applied for producing reliable and robust bioprinted tissues,” she said. “Actual personalized medicine, especially in the 3D printing tissue regeneration field, is on its way.”

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Carbon films give microchips energy storage capability

After more than half a decade of speculation, fabrication, modeling and testing, an international team of researchers led by Drexel University’s Dr. Yury Gogotsi and Dr. Patrice Simon, of Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France, have confirmed that their process for making carbon films and micro-supercapacitors will allow microchips and their power sources to become one and the same.

The discovery, which was reported in the Feb. 12 edition of the journal Science, is the culmination of years of collaborative research by the team who initially created the carbide-derived carbon film material for microsupercapacitors and published the concept paper in Science in 2010. Since then, their goal has been to show that it’s possible to physically couple the processing center of an electronic device — the microchip — with its energy source.

carbon-films-on-silicon-chips“This has taken us quite some time, but we set a lofty goal of not just making an energy storage device as small as a microchip — but actually making an energy storage device that is part of the microchip and to do it in a way that is easily integrated into current silicon chip manufacturing processes,” said Simon, who led the research under the aegis of the French research network on electrochemical energy storage (RS2E). “With this achievement, the future is now wide open for chip and personal electronics manufacturers.”

It confirms a belief that the group has held since the materials were first fabricated — that these films are versatile enough to be seamlessly integrated into the systems that power silicon-based microchips that run devices from your laptop to your smart watch.

The challenges that the group faced in the development of the material were questions about its compatibility, its mechanical stability and durability for use on flexible substrates. With these answered, it opens up a myriad of possibilities for carbon films to work their way into silicon chips — including building microscale batteries on a chip.

“The place where most people will eventually notice the impact of this development is in the size of their personal electronic devices, their smart phones, fitbits and watches,” said Gogotsi, Distinguished University and Trustee Chair Professor in the Department of Materials Science Engineering who directs the A.J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute in Drexel’s College of Engineering. “Even more importantly,” Gogotsi adds, “on-chip energy storage is needed to create the Internet of Things — the network of all kinds of physical objects ranging from vehicles and buildings to our clothes embedded with electronics, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. This work is an important step toward that future.”

The researchers’ method for depositing carbon onto a silicon wafer is consistent with microchip fabrication procedures currently in use, thus easing the challenges of integration of energy storage devices into electronic device architecture. As part of the research, the group showed how it could deposit the carbon films on silicon wafers in a variety of shapes and configurations to create dozens of supercapacitors on a single silicon wafer.

Supercapacitors have been desirable devices to use in microelectronics because they can store a great deal of energy for their size, they can be charged and discharged their energy extremely quickly and their lifespan is nearly limitless. With this discovery, the path is clear for microchip manufacturers to take a big step forward in the way they design their products.

Beyond the energy storage applications, these carbon films offer good prospects for the development of elastic coatings with a low coefficient of friction that can be used in lubricant-free sliding parts, such as dynamic seals. They may also be used in production of membranes for gas filtration, water desalination or purification, because their pore size is in the range of single molecules. The carbon films produced by this method are quite versatile and may find applications in many areas.

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Severe Asthma Attack Averted with sosPlus!

It was a late morning in September when Jean began having difficulty breathing. Although she hadn’t used her Snapfon ezTWO with sosPlus ® for some time, she knew she needed help fast and quickly pressed her button. Jean was having a severe asthma attack.

sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service Central Station Operator, Brenna, was on the line in seconds, assessed the situation and immediately dispatched the paramedics.

“The operator called me by name and was so nice,” recalled Jean. “It seemed like the paramedics were there in just a few minutes! She stayed on the line with me till help came. It was really comforting.”

Recalling that day with Jean, sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service Operator, Brenna added, “It’s really rewarding to be there for every customer whenever they need us. I’m always happy to talk to them. They express such sincere gratitude. When people panic, I have to keep my composure. The paramedics arrive on site and I say to myself, I actually helped someone today. It’s the best feeling ever.”

Although Jean is much better now, she was in the hospital for five days and is still under a doctor’s watchful care.

“That young lady was so nice, that I had to call back and thank her.” Jean continued, “It meant a lot to me that someone knew my name. It’s just so good to know that I have this button to push. I know it won’t take long to get help if I need it.”

Congratulations to sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service Team Member, Brenna for her great work and also to the providor of Jean’s Snapfon ezTWO with sosPlus ® for providing Jean the independence and comfort that comes from knowing help is always just a few seconds away.

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Top 10 Advantages of Snapfon sosPlus Mobile Monitoring Service

There for you 24/7: sosPlus® connects you to a 24/7 response agent who has access to the medical information and emergency contacts provided through your Snapfon User Account.

With the information below, our agents can better assist your loved ones, and can dispatch emergency services or alert your family or friends – something 911 simply cannot do.

Our sosPlus® Agents can conference in emergency services, family and friends, and will stay on the line with you until your situation is resolved.

Medications: List all medications, including OTC or custom compounded pharmaceuticals. This is very important because the medications you take can drastically influence your course of treatment.

Allergies: Whether shellfish or peanuts, penicillin or other medications, the more our agents know, the better they can inform emergency responders.

Medical Conditions: List all of your medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Emergency Contacts: List your family, friends, or neighbors.

Your Doctor: List your doctor, and their contact information.

Past Surgical History: Depending on the nature and time-frame of the surgery, this may be important for emergency responders and doctors to know.

Home-Bound or Non-Responsive: Let us know if your loved one is home-bound, and what to do in case they are non-responsive in the case of an emergency.

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Injured woman uses sosPlus® after falling down stairs.

Fireworks, barbecues, and baseball, are the sights, smells, and sounds of 4th of July celebrations. On this day, we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Congress of 1776.

On July 4th, 2013 at 3am, Colette woke up to use the restroom. Realizing that she hadn’t taken her medication, she proceeded to the kitchen. As she approached the kitchen, her slipper caught the stair and she fell down the flight of stairs, landing on her wrists. Tragically, she broke her wrists, injured her hip, and hurt her knee. In her own words Colette recalled the situation: “Every time I tried to move, it hurt. I finally rolled on my side, grabbed my Snapfon ezTWO, and pressed the SOS button with sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service .” sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service team member Jason responded to Colette’s cry for help and sent the paramedics to her home.

“The young man (whom she referred to as “Johnny on the spot”) kept me calm and assured me that help was coming,” Colette told sosPlus As the paramedics arrived, they found Colette on the floor not moving.
sosPlus® Mobile Monitoring Service was later told that without the information the paramedics received from SosPlus team member Jason, they might have thought she was unconscious and attempt to move her, possibly injuring her further.

sosPlus® Mobile Monitoring Service was happy to learn that Colette, after a few weeks of rehab, is back in her home.

We thank sosPlus® Mobile Monitoring Service team member Jason for his caring and dedicated service on Colette’s behalf, giving her the calming reassurance that with the Snapfon ezTWO and sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service , help is always a button push away.

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Christmas Gifts For Dad Who Is A Senior Citizen

Christmas is a time for gift-giving. A gift does not need to be expensive, but something very personal and useful. You have to consider the hobbies and also the lifestyle of a person whom you are going to give a gift to.

It may be permissible to recycle gifts, but you lose the special thought that comes with giving a present. It is better if you personally select the gift that you feel is suitable to give to your family members.

If you are planning to purchase Christmas Gifts for dad who’s in his senior year, it is best to choose something that would be good for his health, as well. Senior citizens are very vulnerable to illnesses, so be very thoughtful around the type of gifts that you will surprise your dad this Christmas.

Listed below are some suggestions on what to give:

1) Golf videos – In case your father is really a golf aficionado, gift him with a golf video that he can watch. He has plenty of time to watch interesting videos. In this way, his interest in golf won’t wane and he can still continue to remain active by permitting him to watch videos of his favorite sport.

2) Golf apparels – One of the greatest Christmas Gifts for dad who is a golf aficionado is golf wear. They are classics in fashion and could be worn even outside the course. Choose a material that is lighter so he would not perspire easily.

3) Sun protection products – There are a variety of sun-protection items like sunscreen lotion, glasses, and sun visors. These are extremely important specifically for senior citizens who are very prone to sunburn and dehydration. If he’s still active in golf, you can also provide him a golf umbrella to safeguard him from the harsh sun.

4) Vitamins – One of the Christmas Gifts for dad you could consider is a bottle of multivitamins. It is a good way of showing him that you’re concerned about his well-being.

5) Reading materials – You can buy him a one year subscription of his favorite magazine. By doing so, you help him keep his mind active. You can also buy him interesting novels or autobiographies. If his favorite sport is golf, go buy him a book about his favorite golfer.

6) Vacation package – Surprise your dad having a holiday package in his favorite resort. It’s a very relaxing treat for him that he would forever cherish. You may want to take a look at travel packages at courses.

7) Fruit baskets – One of the greatest Christmas Gifts for dad is a basket filled with healthy fruits and snacks. Senior citizens have many diet restrictions, and by giving him something that is good for his health, you convey to him in a subtle method in which you would like him to remain healthy and live more years.

8) Indoor putting green – An indoor putting green is an extremely ideal gift. It is among the Christmas Gifts for dad that you can determine that you’ve got no budget restriction. He is able to utilize it anytime during the day. It will make him active because he can practice his golf abilities at the comfort of their own home.

It’s got lots of benefits health-wise for any senior. Moreover, he can invite his friends over to his house and play golf among themselves. It is good for his physical health and social and emotional well-being, as well.

These are some of the suggestions as Christmas Gifts for dad who’s a senior citizen. Always choose something that would strengthen his health physically along with a gift that will encourage socialization which is also an essential aspect of a healthy body.

Buying Christmas Gifts For Dad can be simple if you know the right place to go to. And today, there are actually a lot of online websites that can help you with Golf Gifts For Men.

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